Credit Control Training

Professional Credit Control Training is vital to ensure that staff engaged in the administration of the policies and procedures adopted are both knowledgeable and confident in carrying out their duties.

We can provide essential training for both new and existing staff encompassing the following:

Objectives of Credit Control
At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Assess the credit worthiness of existing and potential customers
Establish the number of days credit customers are taking
Plan preferred cash collection targets in line with your credit terms and monitor performance
Learn how to obtain a commitment for payment of credit on the telephone
Collect money quickly and efficiently
Establish the costs of credit to your organisation and work on reduction programme
Reduce exposure to slow paying customers and bad debts
Improve working capital position of your organisation
Assist in maximising sales
Assist in maximising profitability
Control credit effectively and operate a credit control system
The results of such training will enable staff to collect money quickly and efficiently and control credit effectively. Training may be carried out in-house if desired.