Debt Dispute Resolution Service

Taking legal action for unpaid debts can be time consuming and expensive with no certainty of the outcome. Where a customer puts forward a dispute as a reason for withholding payment, the usual procedure is to commence legal action with all of the implications that this brings. The Courts have now introduced protocols and will enquire as to what action to resolve a matter has taken place before litigation was embarked upon and will be critical to both parties if no attempts to settle have taken place.

As an alternative to Court action we are able to act as an intermediary between the parties in an effort to bring about a satisfactory resolution to the dispute, thereby ensuring a speedy and less costly outcome. We will charge a flat rate to be agreed prior to the resolution meeting; we will also make all arrangements for venue/time of the meeting and prepare the required document pack for discussion at the meeting.

The amount of the outstanding debt is obviously a factor in determining if the debt resolution service is appropriate and cost effective and we would not recommend this service for any liability amount below £10,000.00.

If you would like to know more about this service, simply click on the ‘submit dispute details’ tab below and let us have some background information. Or, call us and we will be pleased to discuss and provide further information.